Twelve years ago, I left my chiropractic clinic to stay home full-time with my son, Luke. I never had any intentions of being a stay-at-home mom, but life has a funny way of doing what it wants regardless of your plans. Since my husband is awesome and has the most gorgeous gray eyes, it didn’t take long for baby number two to show up on the scene. By November 2005, I was no longer Dr. Gaskins and officially Luke and Matt’s mom.

The summer of 2006 I started selling baked goods at a local farmers market. What started as a hobby changed my life. I went from selling zucchini bread to competing in cooking competitions to having regular cooking segments on a couple of local televisions shows to writing a novel that celebrates love and food.

I started a food blog because food is good. I love making it, eating it and talking about it. I’m an awesome cook and a terrible photographer—but I received a really nice camera as gift from my mom. Hopefully, my new Canon has magical powers and will take nice pictures on its own. The food on this site will always be good, and at times, the pictures may be questionable, but at least I tried.

We were so happy with the wonderful food we had for a work party! Everything was sooooo delicious and loved by all! Thanks for bringing us a menu. Will be calling again.
~~Pediatric Dentistry of Matthews.