Hi!  I’m Andria Gaskins and welcome to Queen City Kitchen. This is my personal blog where I do the two things I love more than anything: cooking and talking (or in this case, writing). I love food and this blog is my opportunity to cook, test recipes and write about how food relates to my life.

Why I started my blog
I am a stay-at-home mom and now that both of my children are in school full-time I am faced with trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  I love to cook so why not write about it while I try to figure out what my culinary hustle is going to be.

About Me
I’m a former chiropractor and I left my practice to stay home and raise my family.  While at home I discovered that cooking was my thing and I made the decision not to go back into practice, but to pursue cooking as my new career.

I’m not a classically trained chef, however, I did learn how to cook from three culinary masters: my Mom, my Nana and my Aunt Frankie. When I was growing up these women were like Ninjas in the kitchen.  They could make shoes taste tender and delicious. They prepared the kind of food that made you feel loved and satisfied. Whenever I cook I try to channel their awesome kitchen skills.

The recipes for the blog come from family, friends, cookbooks, newspapers, magazines, or wherever I find ones that I like.  From time to time I will share original recipes that I just come up with.

What’s the Queen City
Queen City is the nickname of Charlotte, North Carolina.  It was a name given by the settlers in the Carolina colony in honor of King George III’s wife, Charlotte Sophia who was Queen during the American Revolution.  I actually live in Matthews, North Carolina which is a town right next to Charlotte.  Matthews’ nickname is Stumptown. In the early 19th century settlers came and cut down thousands of trees to clear the land for farming, leaving a lot of tree stumps everywhere, hence the name Stumptown. Stumptown Kitchen  is not as sexy as Queen City Kitchen.

My blog is meant to be fun, entertaining and sometimes educational. I welcome comments and suggestions that can improve the blog.  All I ask is that you keep comments constructive and supportive. Like my Mom always said and like I tell my children: “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything.”

Technical Support
I am my own technical support so please bear with me. I am learning how to maintain and manage this blog as I go along.

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